Teaching Czech dissent internationally?

21st September 2017, 1-4 p.m.

Jan Urban
Petr Sokol
Vanda Thorne
Petr Roubal
Adéla Gjuričová
Čeněk Pýcha
Karina Hoření

Programme moderator: Vojtěch Ripka


The seminar is intended to create a discussion platform for teaching about the postwar history of Czechoslovakia, namely the Czech dissident movement. The key questions to be discussed are as follows:

  • Does Czech dissent matter outside of the region? Should we teach it? Why? What are the educational goals of teaching about Czech/Czechoslovak dissent?
  • How can you transfer this experience to people growing up in a different culture? What are the common misunderstandings? What works for people without previous knowledge?
  • The relationship between Czechoslovak dissent and dissent in today's society: Is it fruitful? How can we approach the connection?
  • Does teaching dissent come with a need to cover other topics? If so, which topics?
  • Are there any particular primary documents/places/pop-culture representations that might be especially helpful in teaching dissent?
  • How can we include international context in teaching about Czech dissident movement?


13:00-14:00 Personal notes on key questions of teaching Czech Adséla Gjuričová (ÚSD ČAV), Karina Hoření (ÚSTR), Petr Roubal (ÚSD ČAV), Jan Urban (NYU), Petr Sokol (ÚSTR)
14:00-14:45 Workshop: Memory of Czech dissent with primary sources
15:00-16:00 Round table discussion

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